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Importance of Servicing Your Garage Doors

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Many people think a garage door is a 'set and forget' deal - but not so... unless you want to replace your motor far earlier than expected, or even replace the entire door earlier than expected. At Delta Warringah Garage Doors Sydney we've been installing, building and maintaining garage doors in Sydney for more than 40 years and we know the best way to get a long and happy life out of your automatic garage doors. Typical automatic garage doors these days are slightly more complicated than you probably grew up with - but it looks far better and is easier to use.


Treat it like you treat your car with a regular service (that you can do yourself or have us do) and your door will give you many, many years of reliable service.


Most garage doors these days get quite a heavy workout with mum, dad and the teenage drivers in the house using it several times a day. Good servicing will keep your garage doors in tip top condition. Just like a car, your garage door needs oiling and lubing, bolts need tightening and load bearing metal parts need checking for rust and corrosion - particularly in salty climes. Most importantly, your springs will need regular re-tensioning to ensure that your springs do the lifting, not your electric motor.


Here are our home handyman tips to get the most out of your garage door:

  1. Wash your doors once every 14 days - especially if you're in a salty location or close to industrial areas
  2. Clean your guide tracks - a clean cloth and some turps will do it (don't lube them)
  3. Steel hinges - a light oiling, plus light oiling for the wheel to axle bearings
  4. Springs - a light wipe with an oily cloth
  5. Fasteners - check all bolts, screws and nuts and tighten where required


What you can't do:

  1. Don't re-tension springs yourself. It's a job for experts who will make sure both sides carry the same load
  2. Lifting cables - if you see corrosion they need to be replaced by experts Find out more here
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