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Summer maintenance for your garage door

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With summer almost here it's time to think about what your garage door will have to cope with over summer - and what you've let go over winter! Maintenance for automatic garage doors isn't hard, but it should be done on regular basis. Most automated garage doors are pretty robust but, just like your car, it needs a regular service.


Here's a few of the things you can do yourself:

  1. Give your steel or aluminium or wood panelled automatic garage doors a good wash down with a mild household detergent. The winter dirt and grime needs to come off and a wash restores the 'as new' look to your home's main street feature.
  2. If you're going to paint your steel doors, remember automated garage doors should be painted with 100% acrylic latex exterior paint, not an oil based paint.
  3. If mild rust has occurred in a non load-bearing area, sand the rust off and repaint the area with a zinc-rich primer and exterior latex paint.
  4. Apply a little lube to moving parts where appropriate. Wipe old and dirty lube off with a rag soaked in turps.


Many people think a garage door is a 'set and forget' deal but it's not. Take care of your automatic garage doors and they'll last you for many years. And often, maintenance is just an hour or two once a month. For bigger tasks and proper servicing of moving parts and motors, call us at Delta Warringah Garage Doors Sydney. 


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